Days Of Great Shaking Soon Coming

Neil Vermillion —  July 15, 2015 —  Comments

And today I am confirming my heart for you, my Dearly Beloved. I am confirming my love for you as I have in days past. And I will continue to affirm my great affections for you, for I will love you with an unending, immeasurable, unbreakable love that cannot be contained, quantified, or restrained. My great zeal and my great passion burn within my heart for you, for you are most dear, most precious to me.

And in these days soon coming, as you see these things begin to manifest, and the shakings come, and your silly little security blankets crumble and fall, you will understand all these things are motivated by my great love for you. And it will be with tears in my eyes these things happen. It will bring me no delight to shake these things. But the shaking is needed, for the shaking will expose the idols. And the shaking will reveal weakness, error, compromise, and rebellion. The shakings will cause men to search their hearts and come to grips with what, and who, they have placed their trust in.

So in my patience I will wait. I will wait until the very last minute that all may be redeemed. And it is with reluctance I will shake this world, but nevertheless, the shaking is needed, and the shaking is necessary. So the shaking will come. And the results of the shaking will be so good, so glorious, so beautiful. It is with this in mind, motivated by my eternal love for you, I will surely shake all that can be shaken.

The shaking will awaken you from your slumber, and it will cause reflection within your heart. And as the days continue to progress, my remnant will begin to come forth shining brighter amidst the darkness. So though you see the shakings coming, and it appears dark on the horizon, do not fear! For I have told you these things are coming, and surely they must happen.

Do not fear it, but instead be aware of the day and hour in which you live, and embrace my leadership though it will not look the way you want it to look. For I am in this, and it will bring about the change needed for this day and hour.

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