Days of Running Swiftly

Neil Vermillion —  April 2, 2019 —  Comments

You have entered into a time of rapid advancement. Even though many of you desire to be promoted quickly, the reality of this season will shock and surprise you. It will look very different to you than you previously thought. It will not look like the vision currently before your eyes this day. It will be completely different, and it will alarm you. But nevertheless, it will be a glorious time, filled with high adventure for those who remain faithful and continue the path marked out for them, for the days of release and running swiftly are surely upon you. (1)

Even still there are many races yet to be run, and much training for preparation is in store for you. I am coaching you and preparing you with small exercises, so you can reach your full potential in a gradual, but safe, manner. I am watching you as I monitor and measure your progress, taking care not to give you too little, nor too much. Yes, there is a strictness to the way I am coaching you. And yes, there is an urgency to some of the exercises I am putting before you. These things will come, and are coming still, because of the day in which you are living, and in preparation for what is yet to come. (2)

Many of my sheep are asleep. Many of my sheep are intoxicated. This is no state for you to win the race set before you. Your race you will require all you can muster. It will require your full speed, strength, heart, wisdom, knowledge, and endurance. Your race will require speed, but also endurance, and will require your very best, and your very most. I am awakening strength and also endurance within you these present days, so shrug off slumber and lethargy as you feel the move of my spirit in your heart, but especially within your circumstances. I am awakening the very best within you, calling you to walk in sobriety, with a clear heart and mind with laser focus, free of distractions. (3)

Do not worry nor fear the training, for I am with you in all these things and will prepare you specifically, but gently. I will not put you through tests for no reason. I will not test you above what you are able to withstand. With precision timing I will carefully craft all you need to learn. All you need to do and all you need to experience in order to rise to the call upon your life will be organized and covered so you will be well prepared for every good work. I will prepare you for success and to overcome. I will reclaim what is rightfully yours, and what has been stolen from you as we prepare to accelerate together. (4)

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