Days Of Small Progress

Neil Vermillion —  June 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have set your foot on a path already. I have set you in motion in a specific direction, with a distinct outcome in mind already. I have already initiated a sequence of events, and have done so in a glorious manner, even though it may not appear to be glorious at first glance. Trust in what I have said already. Trust in what I am working in you. Trust in what I am awakening within you. Trust in what I have said. Trust in what I have made known to you already, for I have shared many things with you and there is no reason to doubt any longer. Now you know, because I have already proven myself to you.

So as you see timelines on your horizon, and you feel overwhelmed with it all, do not be tempted to retreat to your former way of living, to the days and ways before you knew my heart and knew me to be trustworthy. Do not revert back to infantile ways of behaving, as if you are now young and inexperienced. But walk in the maturity of the your years. Walk in the fullness of the confidence I have given you. Walk in the capacity of the greatest expression of the call upon your life, as well as the path you are presently traveling and encountering.

For the path you travel is unique and specific to you. The path you travel is distinct, and will not only carry you to the end destination, but will develop you along the way. So understand the path before you is not one-dimensional, but has many layers working together simultaneously.

Trust in my spirit as I speak to you and guide you. Trust in my words, and in my promises. Trust in my process, and in my timing, for all these things have been taken care of already.

Run towards you obstacles and challenges, knowing I have already made every resource available to you. And when you fail, and when you make mistakes, do not let them bother you, or hinder you. Even though you fall seven times, you will rise again, and again. Walk with assurance of the great salvation already given to you.

Know I am with you. And if I am with you, who can be against you? Know I have made a plan for you. And if I have ordained and prepared such things, what can be left to uncertainty? Know I am guiding you, even your very footsteps. Do not consider the days of small progress to be no progress. Do not consider the days of small beginnings to be days of no beginnings. Rejoice in all we have together, and all we will share together, and all we will know and experience together.

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