Defying Conventional Norms Of The Day

Neil Vermillion —  March 30, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you sit with me I will instruct you, but will also give you revelation to the matters of the day. For I know where you are this very moment, and I know what is pressing to you, what matters to you, what is a priority for you in this present moment and season. Work with me as I guide you, for you will see your present situation differently than I see it, and as a result you will be inclined to move in a slightly different direction. What I show you will not make sense immediately, but over the course of time, as you follow me, you will begin to see and understand the significance of the path and process laid before you.

For your thoughts are small, but my thoughts are timeless. Your perception is limited, but my perception is infinite. Your understanding and comprehension is narrow, but my understanding is without measure. And while you know all these things intellectually, in your heart you do not always believe them. So allow my spirit to govern your spirit. Allow my heart to mend your heart when you are hurting. Allow my compassion to smooth over the rough and broken edges. Allow me to express my tenderness to you in your disappointments and hurts. Allow the shock and surprise of injustice to lose its sting, as you sit with me and abide in the healing fellowship of our company together.

For in our togetherness you will find rest for your weariness. You will find the hope you desire, and the strength you need. You will find the fuel to continue, and the reason to advance another day.

You have heard me, but still you doubt. You have witnessed the movement and involvement of my hand in your life, even in dramatic demonstrations, yet you still hold reluctance in your own heart. So let me continue to share with you, for I see your hurt and I see your incapacity. I see your desire and willingness to do what’s best, but I also see your brokenness that inhibits and hinders you. So let me kiss the scars away, and let me touch the hurts that run deep. Let me heal the hurts, and heal the scars. Let me tend to them all, and mend them tenderly, for as I do you will forget them and remember them no more.

And though they have been familiar to you, even foundational in your experience and in forging your identity, they will be erased and forgotten. You will remember them no more, and will subscribe to a righteous way of living, thinking, feeling, and being, defying conventional norms of the day, even though they are popular and fashionable.

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