The Delights Of Dining By My Side

Neil Vermillion —  July 21, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to walk in the direction of my leading you will continue to know me and hear me more and more clearly day after day. For in this time and season I am guiding you every step of the way, even though to your natural mind things seem to be suspect. But you have heard my call, seen my hand, and responded to my inspiration. Even this day my hand is upon you, touching you, healing you, awakening desires, ideas, and opportunities within your imagination and heart, pressing, pushing, and pulling you in the direction of the call upon your life.

You have heard your Shepherd’s voice from a distance, and you responded in your heart with joy and anticipation. You have seen the shadow of your Shepherd from distance, and in your heart you grew eager with anticipation. You have observed the timelines and seasons, and have made yourself ready, holding no obligations, no responsibilities, no chains that would prevent you from participating in full cooperation.

You heard me so clearly, and said yes in your heart. You heard me so clearly, and resolved to follow my path for you, even though you did not understand it, or know how it would finish. You have done the right thing, and done so both secretly and publicly, and surely you will enter into your reward, just as you already have begun to manifest the fruits from your faithfulness in years past.

And even today I am speaking to the secrets of your heart. For my language is visceral. My language is direct. My language is calling out to the very secret, deep, and hidden things within the core of who you are. I will continue to reward you again and again. You will drink more than you can contain. You will eat and be satisfied. Your mind will be enraptured with the intrigue and mystery of who I am, and your heart will be enamored with the beauty and amazement of my great love for you.

And the deep things in your heart will not quickly, or easily, be satisfied. But as you continue to follow me, continue to walk with me, continue to embrace the lessons you will encounter, and continue to apply what you know, you will find I will reward you generously again and again, time after time. And you will have and possess more than you can contain, more than you can really comprehend. For the glory if it all is more wondrous than you can imagine. The wonder and beauty of it all is more splendid than you can exaggerate. The glory of my plans, and the great goodness and magnitude of it all, is beyond measure, beyond comprehension.

So sit with me now, and enjoy the delights of dining by my side, at my table, forgetting your worries, and troubles of the day. I will fill you forever more again and again, and you will have and possess more than you ever thought possible, more than you could ever imagine.

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