Development Of The Talents I Have Given You

Neil Vermillion —  February 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

I have shown you what to do already. I am still walking you forward into greater understanding of the full manifestation of the call upon your life. I am still peeling back the layers of mystery in order to grant you deeper knowledge of the blueprint designed for your life. I am activating your capacity to hear and understand, but also activating your capacity to take not just immediate action, but meaningful action too.

You will walk through this day as you possess the growth and maturity you not only desire, but desperately need, for there is a discrepancy between your preparation and the full manifestation of the call upon your life. And because I see this, and because I care about you, and because I am able to intervene, I am moving you into the directions you need, not necessarily the directions you want. I am moving you into the experiences you need, not necessarily the experiences you would choose for yourself.

For I see your plight, but I also see the result and final outcome. And it is with all these things in mind I am moving you, and also preparing you. I am moving you towards your goal and the development of the call upon your life. But I am also moving you toward the fulfillment and development of the skills, talents, and experience you will need to be able to establish and maintain this call. (1)

Walk in the grace afforded you already, for I have made a way for you with lavish and extravagant detail. I have prepared a way for you, and am continuing to reveal it to you day after day, as you walk with me in faithfulness.

You will see it come to pass the trivial and minute tasks, each having their own significance, working to a greater accumulation of the full display of the talents and gifts I have placed within you. Advance forward knowing I am with you. Know I am calling you out to the deeper things, into the glorious and mysterious unknown. For in these realms together you and I will experience the full satisfaction of your heart’s desires, but also in the development of the talents I have given you, as you continue to engage with me and hear my voice in all things. (2)

(1) 2 Corinthians 3:17-19
(2) Romans 8:18, Psalm 42:7

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