Discard The Old And Adopt The New

Neil Vermillion —  June 7, 2017 —  Comments

You have imposed limits upon yourself, and I aim to free you from them. You have constructed walls in your life but these walls are no longer needed. You have created habits and thoughts, mindsets and practices, but they are not all excellent. Some of them need improvement and adjustment, and others need to be deleted altogether. Allow me to speak to you directly. Allow me to guide your thoughts into the motives of the constructs and habits of your heart and mind. For I will illuminate these things to your awareness and you will begin to understand the walls and habits you have erected in your life. For these habits and mindsets govern you and your life in significant and profound ways. These things govern and influence you in obvious, as well as subtle ways. Allow me to guide you to a path more righteous. Allow me to instruct you in the areas of excellence so you can be free from the impurities and immaturities of habits and mindsets of the past.

In doing so do not worry about the mess and discomfort this process will create. Do not concern yourself with the chaos and confusion it will introduce. Do not concern yourself with all the byproducts of this process that would cause you to worry, or feel out of control. Do not allow the weight of present responsibilities to choke the opportunity of the process of growth, understanding, and enhancement I am working within you.

But cooperate with me, and trust in me. For surely I will help you along the way day by day. Surely I will engage with your heart and mind in freshness, not the stale, static habits of the past. I will guide you into all truth, and you will discover I am altogether more creative, more responsive, more exciting and thrilling, than you ever thought.

And in this discovery you will find what you really need. You will increase in all you need, as you continue to decrease in what you do not need. You will walk with me, and know me more and more, and will simultaneously forget the rules and customs of your former way of thinking, living, and being. You will taste of my goodness and will enjoy yourself far more than you thought you would. You will experience my satisfaction, and will not be able to return to the inferior pleasures you used to seek. You will no longer be satisfied on the trivial and irrelevant activities and ideas that used to clutter and occupy your mind.

Your heart will be free. You will be free to give and free to receive. You will be free to acquire and free to express. You will be free to manifest and free to experiment. You will walk, and abide, in the full expression of all the freedom I have for you.

So do not be hesitant to experience the discomfort of transition. Do not be fearful about the unknown mess my spirit will guide you through. For though messy at times, the process of your liberation will be highly beneficial, as you grow and discard the old, and adopt the new.

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