Discerning The Important From The Unimportant

Neil Vermillion —  August 14, 2015 —  Comments

And through all your trials, all your stress, all your confusion, you will find rest, hope, perspective and strength as you come away with me. Your questions will seem small and unimportant in my presence. The issues of the day that used to cloud your heart and your mind will simply fade away as you encounter real truth that is important.

For there is so much before you that is trivial. There is so much before you that is useless and unimportant. And it is these small things that will steal away your joy, steal away your perspective, steal away your hope if you allow them to. But in my presence, together, you will learn to see these things as truly small. You will see these things as truly unimportant, being able to rightly discern what is, and what is not.

For in our fellowship together, our closeness together, your heart and perspective will be liberated and transformed. And in this place of freedom, in this place of transformation, you will rightly discern not only what direction to move, but also what things you should ignore as well. For there are too many things that occupy your mind. There are too many things before you that are not worthy of your attention.

And you allow these things to steal you away, bit by bit, piece by piece. And then at the end of the day where do you find yourself? What have you done? What have you really accomplished? What direction have you moved in?

So allow me to give you my heart, my perspective, my understanding, my strength, my wisdom, and my desire for righteousness. For all these things will be given you as you continue to sit with me in your heart of hearts. In your place of solitude, without pretense, face to face, you will encounter me and you will come to know me by my spirit. And as you do, your life will be changed. Your life will be transformed in unimaginable, unexplainable ways.

So allow yourself to receive all I have in store for you. For it will delight you. It will sustain you. It will give you pause. It will give you perspective and reflection. And you will be amazed again and again all I will show to you, all I will reveal to you, all I will do in and through you as we sit and dwell together in our place of unity and closeness.

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