Discernment With Great Excellence And Precision

Neil Vermillion —  July 18, 2017 —  Comments

This day I am giving you discernment and distinction between gradients of importance. I am giving you insights to assess with accuracy what is needed and what is important for this hour. I am awakening a skill to differentiate in the moment, so as not to delay unnecessarily. But I am also awakening an ability for differentiation for the long term consequences, in order to make assessments for long-term consequences from decisions made today.

And while this may sound mysterious you will find it to be very practical and very accessible to you. You will find it to be very encouraging as you begin to see and understand multiple layers and multiple timelines simultaneously. You will have greater depth in your consideration, and as a result will begin to make better and better decisions as you continue to remain sensitive to the move of my spirit.

For I am saying things to you that previously sounded like noise and clatter. I am speaking in ways that previously did not make sense, or seem to be relevant. But today you are hearing and discerning. Today you are not only receiving it all, but understanding it too. And with this you will begin see what you did not see in the past. You will hear what you could not hear in the past. You will understand what you could not understand in days past.

So as I speak to you through elusive and cloudy unctions, know I am training you and developing your instincts. I am equipping you with experience, so you will be sharp, excellent, and refined. I am bringing you to the place of great competency, able to know and discern great lengths, from a very short distance, and doing so with great accuracy.

Even though my methods seem arbitrary at times, even though my methods seem confusing and even inappropriate at times, trust in me as I continue to speak to you and guide you. For I am preparing you for things yet to come, and guiding you through the processes that will prepare and conceive the discernment that will allow you to consider all the layers, all the repercussions, all the timelines, and will do so with great excellence and precision.

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