Discover The Depths Of Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  July 6, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have drawn you out of darkness, into my marvelous light. I have set your foot from miry, slippery clay and set you onto solid ground. I have seen you in your accusation, isolation, and hopelessness, and I have given you my spirit, my hope, my love, and my perspective. I have given you all you need, and all you ever will. I have supplied you on every side according to my glorious riches, and in me you will find no lack.

So walk with me in your consciousness. Acknowledge my involvement and activity in your daily life, and do so with no only your will, but with your mind too. Open your eyes so you can see. Open your heart so you may hear. Remain vigilant and sensitive so you can endure , but also enjoy. For what I have for you will defy conventional thinking. What I have for you will not look promising and reasonable to small, narrow minds. What I have for you will not seem righteous and responsible to those who do not know me. But pay them no attention and remain focused on my voice. For I will guide you and speak to you time and time again, and will lead you to the fullness of my will for you.

You have heard me already, so now walk with me. You have smelt me from a distance, now continue to walk with me. You have seen my footprints and recognized my signature, so walk with me still. You have observed my workings and my involvement in your mind, so now walk with me. Walk with me and I will build your trust in me over the course of time.

For we will venture and endeavor together and you will come to know me entirely differently than you otherwise would. You will come to not only think of me, but will come to know me experientially as we walk together. You will seek me and find me, and you will discover I am altogether lovely, altogether holy, altogether different than you thought I was yesterday.

But in this way you will come to know me, not just understand me. You will come to experience me, not just remember facts about me. You will come to walk with me hand in hand, and build history with me, even when it seems as though there is no rhyme or reason to what is set before you in this present moment.

But you will come to familiarize yourself with who I am, and how I think, and how I do things. You will come to recognize my activity and involvement. You will come to seek all that I have to offer and will be more than delighted as you continue to discover the depths of who I am.

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