Discovery Of The Talents And Desires Within You

Neil Vermillion —  October 7, 2016 —  Comments

There is much power within you, as you have already come to know, and are still coming to realize. But there is also much talent within you too. There is talent within you that is realized incompletely. You have longings and desires, yet you presume they will remain unfulfilled, as an itch that will never be scratched. But allow me to guide you in my timing and in my process in order unearth hidden talents within you – the talents you’ve not yet even perceived.

For I have planted much greatness within you. I have put my stamp and seal upon you, knowing you have been crafted and engineered for greatness. But the blueprint for each of you is different. Your blueprint will be different than your neighbor’s blueprint. And your blueprint, though good and righteous, is still very different than what you thought it would be. For I will have many tangents for you to encounter and explore along the way. There will be many wonderful, and delightful, surprises for you as you remain by my side.

So continue to follow my guidance and continue to allow me to unfold the mysteries of my plans before your eyes, so you may drink it in and discover the talents, skills, and tools I’ve already given you. And in this way allow me to shine my light upon your heart, revealing the very important core issues alive within you. Allow me to examine and reveal to you the things that matter most, the things that hurt the most, the things which entangle you the most. For in doing so you will begin to walk in greater power over them, allowing yourself to choose from a place of knowledge, rather than a place of reaction.

I will show you the way, and show you the path. I will illuminate both the problem and the solution. I will not leave you alone, but will remain with you as we journey together in all I have for you, especially in the paths of discovering the hidden talents within you. You will come to see this as a great discovery. You will come to see this process as a treasure hunt, in the way you risk so much, give so much, sacrifice so much in order to gain that which you have not yet even seen, heard, or understood.

But rest assured you will not be disappointed, for I am a good father, giving good gifts to my children. And in the same way, I will continue to reveal not only my plans, but also my methods as well. And you will see and know and understand, and you will have an appreciation for that which did not make sense to you in days past. And with this appreciation you will come in to a new realm of understanding and perceiving, especially the talents given you in conjunction with the call of your life, and the desires in your heart.

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