Disengage Your Habit Of Criticism

Neil Vermillion —  March 24, 2016 —  Comments

And as you disengage critical thinking in your mind you will begin to see new ideas, new possibilities, new options you did not see before. You will perceive my voice in smaller, softer ways, and you will understand the perspective of others with greater compassion and sensitivity. For I feel your hurt, and I see your pain, but criticism in the moment will not protect you the way you want. It will diminish your experience and decrease the fulness I have made available to you. So disengage your habits of criticism, and embrace the beauty of the moment along with its imperfections.

And as you practice this as a lifestyle you will engage with me in greater measure. For you will encounter my heart even in the midst of chaos and confusion. As you embrace the moment, without attempting to fix everything, you will be able to relate, engage, and interact in a more pure manner than if you filter it all through a critical lens. And as you are free to engage, your heart will be more active and you will surely see and feel wisdom, beauty, and details you did not perceive before.

But though this is simple it will not be easy. To engage in this moment will require courage. It will require a willingness to embrace the imperfect, the inconvenient, the unlovable. But in doing so you will be more connected, more alive, more active. So exercise your choice to engage in this moment, and embrace all you find yourself surrounded with. For regardless the situation I am there with you. I am present. I am available to you.

Exercise your courage to take the path less traveled, the path against your natural inclination. Take the path of exuberant risk, and experience the full spectrum it has to offer. For you were designed with the capacity to experience it all, and to overcome. You were not designed to hide, to cower, to analyze all the time, but you were made to experience all these things and even more.

So dismantle your critical thinking and activate your compassion and courage. Activate the deep things within your heart, and enjoy the process and experience of living in this present moment, as we share all this world, all this life, has to offer.

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