Display Your Gifts And Talents For All To See

Neil Vermillion —  August 28, 2019 —  Comments

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Many of you desire to hear from me more clearly. Many of you desire to see visions and dream wild, creative dreams. Many of you desire to give counsel to those in places of high influence and authority. I want to encourage you to allow these desires and plans to develop and mature within you. Be mindful as you foster these desires to be used greatly for the things of my kingdom. Be deliberate and intentional about what you put before your eyes, and what you consume and meditate upon within your heart. (1)

You have been given gifts and talents for my glory. With these gifts and talents will come an interest, passion, and desire to not only utilize them, but to develop and refine them as well. With this in mind, allow these desires to grow as you remain a faithful steward over your gifts. Nurture them, develop them, protect them. Improve and exercise them frequently and consistently, for these gifts have been given you to be used, not to be hidden. Do not be bashful, nor ashamed of the gifts I have placed within you, but share them generously and boldly as you use them in service to those around you. (2)

They have been given for your use, but also for the benefit of others. In the same way, let these good gifts be on display, that others that do not know your father will see them and witness the goodness of his nature. Through the display and excellence of these gifts you will bring glory to me, letting your light shine before men. (3)

As you continue to remain faithful in your development of what has been given you, surely you will be rewarded and will advance. You will be taken from one level to the next, as you gradually, but consistently continue to grow and move forward. So if you desire to sit before kings continue with your gift. If you desire to serve and manifest the strength and excellence I have placed within you, continue with your gift. Continue to ask, seek, and knock and all the necessary doors will be opened to you again, and again. (4)

There are many adventures and many treasures still hidden from your sight or knowledge. All these treasures will be revealed to you as you set your foot into motion, moving by faith with boldness. Do not look back! Do not look to the right nor to the left, but remain focused on what I have set before you, and planted within you. Remain focused on tasks at hand, for the season in which you are in, and all these things will manifest and begin to make sense to you over time. (5)

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