The Divine Tension Between Knowledge Of Today And Tomorrow

Neil Vermillion —  January 30, 2018 — Leave a comment

In your hunger for advancement do not become impatient. While it is good to desire more and to desire growth, do not allow this desire to frustrate you, thus inspiring actions and decisions that would not prove prudent. Keep the tension between desire to advance and the acceptance of today. For as you accept where you are today you will be able to engage with all that is before you in this hour, rather than speculating and fantasizing about events so far in the future they are presently intangible.

Be mindful of today, while simultaneously holding understanding and perspective of tomorrow. For in doing so, I will grant you understanding of the tasks of the day, so you can better discern their significance and relevance. But I will also grant you long term perspective so you will also be able to see milestones and directions for your advancement. And in the contrast between today and tomorrow you will be useful and engaged in this present day, while keeping in mind what is yet to come.

In your heart I know there is tension in the midst of this contrast, for you desire tomorrow by circumventing today. You desire to initiate your journey from the point of completion, omitting the struggle, steps, and lessons learned throughout your journey. But make peace with the process, for in doing so you will not only accept it, but will embrace and enjoy it. And in this your joy is increased, for each day will be an enjoyable reward for you, even in spite of difficulties, struggles, and setbacks you may encounter along the way.

Walk with this divine tension between the tasks of today, against the outcome of desired results for tomorrow. In embracing and understanding them both you will have a perspective that will empower you and encourage you, rather than being so completely future-minded you are no use for today, and discouraged and disgruntled every step of the way.

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