Do Not Be Anxious, Nor Impatient, About The Revelation Of The Future

Neil Vermillion —  September 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

Allow yourself to ride the wave of my expanse. Understand what I am saying and what I am doing, but do not worry or fear how it will happen. Do not be anxious nor impatient, but cooperate with what I am doing, in the manner I am doing it, at the time I am doing it. You will be amazed and delighted as you ride the wave of my spirit as I advance you forward according to the purpose and destiny of your life. Surely your patience will be rewarded. Surely your obedience will also be rewarded. Surely your discernment, as well as your discretion will also be rewarded.

Enjoy this moment, even though you are in a state of preparation. Enjoy this moment knowing it is transpiring a greater state yet to be unfurled, yet to be developed. Enjoy this moment and season, for in doing so you are not idle, but are active in your cooperation with me, in not only the direction and the method of my plans, but also the timing of my plans as well. The preparation of this moment is strategically significant, even though it may seem worthless or trivial. The significance of the smallest of details all contributes to the larger scheme of the events, mindsets, attitudes, and overall outcome of what’s in store for you today, but also in your distant future too.

The vision before you is vast. The expanse before you is likewise also vast. Do not allow the vision, nor the expanse, to inspire anxiety, fear, striving, or impatience but rest in me knowing if I have a plan, and if I have revealed this plan to you, then I will also certainly implement, initiate, and execute my plans as well.

The potential of what you have seen and have imagined is clear, but is also accurate. You have discerned the potential correctly, and have seen with precision and clarity the results yet to come. So do not be anxious about anything, but rest in me. Rest in my hand. Rest in my timing. Rest in what you know, but also rest in the mystery, in the things you do not yet know. Rest in all these things and enjoy the process, even though many times it is advancing more slowly than you would prefer. Rest in me, and enjoy the fellowship of my spirit, as I continue to move you in the right direction, at the right time.

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