Do Not Give Up

Neil Vermillion —  May 25, 2016 —  Comments

Though you see darkness before you do not give up. Though your heart is aching, do not give up. Though your mind does not understand the circumstances, nor the process, do not give up. For though these things are very real for you, they are but small in comparison to the work I am doing. Compared to the work I am accomplishing these things are but small. So do not be troubled, do not lose heart, do not give up. For as you reach out to me I will encourage your heart. I will inspire hope again. I will grant you strength to continue. I will give you all you are lacking, and even more.

For I know you are but small, and I know you quickly grow tired. I know you easily become bewildered as confusion sets in when you experience failure, loss, delay, and defeat. So do not carry these burdens yourself, but cast them on to my shoulders. For I will remove these burdens and exchange them for my hope, my joy, my perspective, my peace.

So be quick to discard this drivel and rubbish and adopt the lightness of my will for your life. Though you will encounter confusion you do not have to reside in it. Though you encounter disappointment you do not have to continually experience it. Though you experience hurt you do not have to continue to relive it over and over again.

So be quick to embrace the newness offered you this day, and every day. Be quick to remember the greater hope within you as I renew your heart and renew your vision. Be quick to dream again, to aspire again, to love again, to endeavor once again. For in all these things I am with you, guiding you, strengthening you, helping you. And when you find yourself in need, understand I am here for you, making every good and perfect gift available to you.

So though you see darkness, do not give up. Though you see obstacles too big to scale, do not give up. Do not give up, no matter what, for though you will encounter obstacles, the solutions I am offering you are far greater.

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