Do Not Hesitate To Busy

Neil Vermillion —  November 2, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to allow yourself to be moved, inspired, and guided by my spirit you will encounter the motivation and momentum only I can provide for you. There is a partnership and a fellowship you will come to know, understand, and experience as you move forward in faith according to what I have laid before you. For there is a knowing, and there is an understanding you can acquire in your mental agreement, but there is also a knowing that is acquired only in the doing. And it is in the doing you will experience me in new ways, in greater capacity than in your mental ascension alone can offer.

You will hear me differently when you are in motion. You will respond to me differently when you are active, pursuing deadlines, perplexed by obstacles, exerting and stretching yourself to your limits. You will shift and change in the movement and transition of pursuit of my plans for your life, and if you will fellowship with me along the way you will come to know me differently than in days past.

For there are layers and dimensions of our relationships that you have yet to discover. There are rooms of our house we have yet to explore together. And as you find yourself building momentum in the movement of of my guidance you will uncover mysteries and hidden treasures still awaiting you. And you will grow in greater capacity, and you will develop in different ways, and all these things will surprise and delight you as you encounter them one after the other in the midst of movement and pursuit.

So do not fear to move. Do not hesitate to pursue and to be busy. Do not wait to launch forward in what I have put in your heart to pursue. For you and I will accomplish and pursue these things together. And as we do you will come to know, experience, and encounter me in new ways, deeper ways, different ways, not only compared to days past, but compared to what you have even thought possible.

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