Do Not Neglect What Is Important

Neil Vermillion —  January 4, 2016 —  Comments

This is a season of growth before you now. This is a day to move forward, even past where you’ve been in the past. It’s a time to advance closer towards the call upon your life, to fulfill the destiny within you, and abide in the place of perfect union together. For though you were made to accomplish you were also made for relationship. You were made to give and receive love, all from our union together.

So allow yourself to dream, plan, scheme, and create. Dream without limits. Make your plans in faith, believing. Move forward towards the fulfillment of these plans, in line with all I have revealed to you and all I have already placed within you. But also, allow yourself the dignity of rest. While you are active making plans, working to implement all I’ve shown you, busy about your father’s business, remain in the space of our rest together.

For though you will work you will abide in the space of the rest I have for you. And though you are active, you will not be stressed. Though you are advancing, you will not grow tired. Though you are entering into new territory you will not be overwhelmed. For I am with you still. We are together still. We are in union together even in the midst of all this seeming busyness. So allow yourself the dignity to rest in me, rest in my peace, rest in the confidence of our fellowship together. Rest and be satisfied.

Allow yourself the dignity of relationship. For though will be active, productive, accomplishing what has been set before you for each day, remember you have also been fashioned and designed for relationship. And in the balance between work and relationship you will find satisfaction. You will accomplish all good things in their due season, but do not do so alone. Do not do so without me. Do not do so without your brothers and sisters. For relationship together is the key ingredient. You were never meant to accomplish alone, for even in the beginning it was plain to see that it was not good for man to dwell alone.

So in your busy-ness, also make relationship part of the priority. Also make relationship important and do not neglect those around you. Do not neglect what is important in your focus and intention upon your goals, even though they may be righteous and good. For in relationship together you will find your satisfaction. You will find your balance. You will accomplish more together, than you ever could accomplish on your own.

So allow yourself dream, to plan, to scheme, and to accomplish. But also allow yourself the dignity of my rest and maintaining and developing relationships too.

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