Do Not Reject The New Things I Am Giving You

Neil Vermillion —  July 23, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you remain open to receive all I have for you, know I will bring you to new experiences, new habits and new relationships, but I will also bring you to new truth, new concepts, and new ideas too. So as I present something new to you do not be inclined to reject it simply because it is new, for it will surely bless you. Your tendency will be to overlook and reject the new things I give you, but in doing so you will miss the very reason I am bringing you to it. Instead, of rejecting what I present before you remain flexible and open to receive it all, particularly new ideas for this present season of your life.

For I am expanding your territory and I am taking what you already know and possess and I am increasing it and expanding it. I am enlarging your territory, but also your understanding. So as I present new concepts know this is the move of my spirit to not only guide you, but to instruct you too.

Understand the new ideas will take many different shapes and forms. The new ideas will be diverse and multi-faceted. So continue to keep your radar open to my suggestion for it will surely lead you to illumination.

In keeping yourself open and flexible, understand it will require you to be willing to challenge and even abandon, what you are presently holding on to. It will require you to be willing to discard an inferior idea in order to replace it with a superior idea. Even though this is apparent in this moment, as you receive the new revelations and understanding I have for you it will not always seem this way initially. Exercise your willingness to receive, and continue to exercise sound judgment and discernment. Do not be quick to reject what I give you, but make a choice to receive it, process it, and understand it for it will be good for you.

In all these things, know I am bringing these things about in order to bless you because I love you. I am instructing you and correcting you because my plans are to see you grow and to prosper in all things. It is my plan and the sentiment of my heart to see your grow and thrive, so keep these things in mind as I continue to speak to you and instruct you, particularly when what I present to you is particularly difficult or particularly uncomfortable or confusing.

Know my hand is upon you, but also know my grace is upon you. So be bold and confident knowing I will lead you though all things, into the realms of my great abundance and into the realms of joy, peace, love, and security forever more.

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