Don’t Be Discouraged By Opposition

Neil Vermillion —  December 7, 2018 —  Comments

Today I am removing hindrances to allow you to overcome the limitations of your past. I am removing chains and I am removing shackles. The things that have slowed your pace will be removed from you, and you will advance without hindrance, without obstruction. Some elements will require you to activate your response by taking action. Other elements will simply be removed, and you will walk forward freely, and easily. And still, other elements will be given you by way of revelation so you will have greater understanding regarding strategy and method, so you can modify and adjust your approach. (1)

This is a time of rapid acceleration and I am moving on this Earth so very quickly. Though at times progress may seem slow, know as you listen and perceive you will see my timing and my pace and will begin to understand and appreciate how quickly all things are moving. There is no delay. Today is a day to put on your running shoes and to be prepared to run quickly.

Even though advancement has been made available, even though hindrances and obstruction has been removed in these matters, know and expect the resistance will not immediately go away. Even though I am moving quickly, a natural progression is still at play. Even though I am moving quickly, there are events and things which have already transpired that are applying pressure. So with this in mind, do not be presumptuous in your expectations. (2)

It is not a time of instant riches, nor instant success. It is not a time for difficult things to suddenly becoming easy. No! It is a time of knowing and understanding the potential of what is within you, and before you. It is a time of seeing solutions you could not previously perceive. It is a time of faithful repetition that will give way to certain progress, and certain victory where previously there was none. (3)

It is a time to co-labor with me as we advance together. It is a time to understand in this world you will have trouble, and this is normal, and this is not an indicator of error. With this in mind, know the resistance will still be present, but also know you will have victory as you are faithful. There will still be struggles, but you will overcome them each and every one. (4)

And as you overcome you will also enjoy the spoils of victory. It will be a day for you to walk in new levels of prosperity, to understand new levels of service and stewardship. You will be rich in many ways – in ways you’ve dreamed of but not yet fully possessed. This is what I am doing in this hour and in this season, so adjust your heart and expectations in spite of the opposition you may simultaneously encounter.

Don’t be discouraged by opposition. Don’t fall prey to its accusation. Know even in this day you will still experience and encounter trials and struggles. Suit up for battle and prepare for hard work. The time is at hand for you to work hard and fight hard. The time is at hand for I have given the enemy over to you, and surely you will overcome and be victorious. (5)

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