Your Doubt Will Be Wiped Away

Neil Vermillion —  October 31, 2016 —  Comments

I will show you the path you need, and I will also show you the timing as well. I will guide you along the way and you will come to trust in my leadership for your life. You know me in part, but have apprehensions, so allow me to address them all, one by one, so you will let go of them, and hold them no more. As your history with me grows your apprehensions will all fall away as you continue to know me more and more day by day.

I will give you the focus you need to see your way through the obstacles and confusion. I will give you the insights to be able to make the right decisions, and to do so righteously. All that is before you is no surprise to me, and I will reveal my heart for you so you will be able to trust me more completely. Though you do not understand, you will learn to trust. And as your history with me grows, so also will your confidence grow too.

We will walk all these things together and you will see how much I love you. You doubt at times, but as you continue to know who I am, and my heart for you, your doubt will be wiped away. Over the course of time your security will no longer be in knowing your future, or understanding my plans, but will be founded and rooted in who I am. For as you know me more, you will also trust me more. And as you trust me more and more, your need for comprehending my plans will diminish, for you will trust in the Plan Maker, rather than simply trusting in the plan itself.

So continue to walk with me, and know part of your path is to build our history together, not merely to move your through a process, or to move you from one point to another. Not only will you arrive at your new destination, but you will also be changed along the way as you grow and move. Though unpleasant and somewhat confusing at times, embrace the path and the process I have laid before you. Embrace the direction I am guiding you to, for you will come through them all like pure gold, refined in the refiner’s fire.

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