Drink Deeply From Me

Neil Vermillion —  September 9, 2015 —  Comments

The joy set before you will not disappoint you. For the delight I will spawn within you will surpass your own expectations. Your delight in me will be greater than you can fathom, greater than you can imagine, greater than you’ve ever experienced. And even now you see things, but you see them darkly. You see them, but you see only halves, you see only icons, symbols, and foreshadows. But you will enter into the day when you will no longer see the symbol, but you will see the reality. Your eyes will be opened and you will see with clarity. And you will not only see it, but also experience it to its fullness, even beyond what you think is possible.

So allow yourself liberty to follow me fully. Follow me without thinking or planning ahead. Follow me without looking back. Jump in. Dive in. Leap without looking. Allow yourself to surrender your will and submit to my will for you, as you embrace the freedom of my lordship in your life.

For my spirit will sweep you away and you will not look back with remorse or regret. You will forget your sorrows, your woes, your hurts, your fears, and your doubts. You will move forward, joyful each step of the way, considering all your loss as gain, as you continue to grow closer and closer in the fruition and maturity of all I have for you, with you.

It will be in our union together all this will happen, all this will manifest. It will be in our unity we will accomplish, we will achieve, we will innovate, invigorate, communicate, and celebrate. For it is only in our union that fulness will be experienced. It is only in our togetherness you will experience the unimaginable bliss and delight I have for you. For there is no joy, no delight, no peace, no happiness, no righteousness outside of me or apart from me. It is only in our togetherness and unity in me will you experience what I have for you.

So I am blessing you this day. I am pouring out my riches, my mercy, my kindness, my hope, and my perspective to all who would listen, to all who would take the time to receive, digest, imbibe, and consume of me. For as you drink of me, your mind will no longer continue to function as the filter blocking, cluttering, and hindering my spirit within you. For I will reveal my spirit to your spirit.

And you will drink deeply of me, losing yourself in me, never finding the end again. And in your place of letting go, your place of surrendering control, you will be free to remain drinking and swimming in over your head in all I have for you, even today.

So drink deeply, My Beloved. My delight for you is great. My joy for you is beyond measure, beyond comprehension. And as you drink from me again and again, you will find it easier and easier to remain in connection, in union together with all I have for you, day after day, after day.

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