Drink From The Fountain Of My Delight

Neil Vermillion —  April 28, 2017 — Leave a comment

As I have said it before, let me say it to you again, there is no need to fear. Do not fear tomorrow. Do not fear what it still unknown. Do not fear your enemies. Do not fear potential loss. Do not fear pain. Do not fear conflict. Do not fear these things, for in me you have overcome them all. And do not consider what you know, for what you know is only part. Do not consider what others have said, for they speak according to what they know, and what they have heard. Do not look at today, as though today is final, but understand all these things are small in comparison to what I have made available to you, our great and mysterious union together.

For we have been bonded together in all things, in all seasons. We have been united together so that even death cannot separate us. We have been united together so there is no cause for alarm, no need for worry, no need for apprehension or turmoil. So as you see what appears to be conflict and catastrophe on your horizon, do not give it a second thought. For even though these things may come, remember I have overcome them all already. Even though circumstances may look bleak at times, remember I have overcome them all already. Even though the imperfection surrounding you seems to be overwhelming, remember I have overcome them all already.

In the realization of the victory we have together allow your heart to remain secure, for there is no one else like me. Remember, you are not putting trust in an idea, but in me, and I have overcome all things already. So allow yourself the freedom to drink from the fountain of my delight, even in the midst of your struggles, conflicts, and loss. Drink from the fountain of my delight when it seems completely opposite to what you are experiencing. Drink from the fountain of my delight, even when it seems completely inappropriate for you to do so. For in doing so, you will experience the immense bliss that transcends circumstances, creating a paradox that is not easily explained.

But nevertheless I am with you in all things, and through all things, for I have never, and will never, leave you. I will not abandon you, but will remain by your side, especially in times when you need me most. I will demonstrate all my promises and all my attributes when you need them most. I will not hide myself from you, but will shine my face upon you, and you will behold me as I truly am.

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