Drink From My Knowledge

Neil Vermillion —  March 28, 2016 —  Comments

As you remain open to my influence you will see my governance work within your heart, your mind, your spirit, and even your circumstances. For your responsive heart will be significant in your capacity and willingness to respond to my Spirit. For I am speaking, but you are not always listening, so remaining open to my influence will allow you to cooperate in greater unity and harmony.

So let me encourage you to be completely, and totally open. For there are aspects you understand. There are aspects you like. There are aspects you are curious about. And these are agreeable to you, and as a result you are open to receive. And in these matters I speak to your freely and you receive with joy and gratitude in your heart. And I am happy to meet you here and share all good things with you, together in our union and fellowship.

However, there are others aspects you are not open to. In fact, you are closed to them. So I speak and reveal to you, but you do not listen. You do not receive. You do not accept, but instead you reject it. You deny it. You resist what I am saying because it does not line up with your preconceived notions and ideas. And likewise in these matters, I am still so very happy to meet you here, and to share all good things with you, even though you are inclined to reject it.

So let me guide you into all truth, not just the truth that delights you, not just the truth that suits you, not just the truth that aligns with your ideologies. But allow me to speak to you in matters that are also unpleasant to your disposition. Allow me to guide you into realms, ideas, and concepts that disagree with your inclination. And allow me to shed light on these things and allow me to speak freely to you.

For in this open, receptive state I will speak clearly, gently, and deliberately to you. And you will drink from my knowledge and you will be truly sustained and nourished. For I will give you what is good for you. I will give you what is good, though it may taste funny, or nasty to your sensitive taste. But let me assure you, though it may taste foreign to you it will be good for you. For I will give you nothing but good things. I will guide you into all truth, even the truth you find to be distasteful and offensive.

So let me encourage you to embrace all things I have for you, especially those which are beyond your natural inclination and disposition to receive. For I will guide you to the paths of your growth in such surprising, enjoyable, and delightful ways if you will not resist me.

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