Drink Of The Cup Of My Delight

Neil Vermillion —  December 3, 2015 —  Comments

And when you feel stuck, when you feel tired, when you feel as though you cannot continue, open your heart and allow me to minister to you when you need it most. For in your weakness I am made strong. And in your humility you will experience my favor and my grace. In your times of need call out to me, and we will share in them together, and you will find I am so much more reliable than you thought I was.

For you desire to make your own path. You desire to be independent, to make your own salvation, to blaze your own trail. You desire to do things the difficult, expensive, painful way rather than accept my yoke. For I have already made the way for you. I have already paid the price for you. I have already given you all you could ever need. But still you are inclined to follow your own way.

So do not look to the right or to the left in search of an alternative answer that will preserve your own desires, idols, and mindsets. But embrace the truth of my love for you. Drink of the cup of my delight and you will experience my heart for you again and again, day after day without measure, without end.

And in this place of experience you will find me once again, the way you used to when your love was new, your light was bright, and your fire was hot. Your first love will be resurrected and you will have no one else before me. For in the closeness of my embrace you will find all your desires, wants, and needs are fulfilled.

And you will no longer look for silly and inadequate alternatives to answer you according to your folly. For you will taste of my goodness and will remember them no more. You will drink of my joy and will forget your sorrows. You will eat at my table and will be satisfied, content, nourished, and delighted.

So allow me to encourage you, My Sweet. For I will satisfy you intimately, thoroughly, and deeply as you forsake your alternative plans and follow what I have for you. And you will find in your single-mindedness your joy will be multiplied, your satisfaction will be increased, your happiness will be made full. And as you divorce yourself from your double-minded ways you will walk in stability and progress forward in not only the purpose I have for you, but also in the depth of your knowledge and experience of who I am.

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