Drunk On Our Love And Fellowship Together

Neil Vermillion —  June 17, 2016 —  Comments

I will grant you the courage you need and desire. As I continue to unveil the righteous plans I have for you, the righteous identity you already possess, the righteous destiny in store for you, I will also give you the capacity and courage to receive it. For as I show you piece by piece, greater and greater details of who I truly am – not who you think I am, or who I you think I am not, but who I truly am – I will also encourage you and continue to support you with my grace to receive it and believe it too.

For the fullness of the glorious riches I have in store for you has been hidden, and in this way it is a mystery, yet to be fully revealed and understood. But as you continue to collect and receive all I have for you day after day, you will grow in your knowledge and experience of me, and our history together will continue to build and deepen. The muck and mire that used to be so familiar to you will fade away and you will lose your interest and appetite for it entirely.

For my grace upon your life has already empowered you, already equipped you to receive and comprehend all I have for you. So as you continue to walk step by step, one day at a time, do so in confidence of who I am, who you are, and my plans for you. For surely these things will be overwhelming to your limited perception. These things will be too wide for you to measure, too high for you to fathom, too deep for you to grasp, and too beautiful for you to believe – yet I have revealed all these things, and have also given you the capacity to perceive, measure, fathom, grasp, and believe it all, and will continue to help you to do so again and again.

Not only will I help you and encourage you, but I will remind you too. For the good things you have already known are so easily and quickly forgotten. But I know this about you already, and have already accounted for it. For what shepherd does not know his sheep? So trust in me, that the things you do not understand today will be revealed to you in due season, and that even the things you have forgotten will be kept alive in the remembrance of your heart.

With all these things in mind, cast all your cares and worries and fears at my feet, and do so quickly. Do not be tempted to pick them back up and carry them, but lay them at my feet and leave them there. For in our fellowship and friendship together you will experience the lightness and worry-free living I have always intended for you. You will experience the simplicity of life without care, life without concern, life without counting costs.

So lay your worries at my feet, even the worries you so desperately feel you need to understand, allow me to shower you with my affections. Allow me to kiss your lips and embrace your soul, for I will not turn you away, but will delight you with what is good for you. And you will forget your worries and cares and will continue to be intoxicated, drunk on the love of our fellowship together.

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