Embrace The Path Set Before You

Neil Vermillion —  August 29, 2017 —  Comments

Pursue the vision I have set before your eyes, but do not be surprised as you encounter obstacles and resistance along the way. Expect there to be difficulty and do not be surprised a process of growth, work, and development is also part of your path. In fact, know the end result is desired, but so also is the process, along with all of the surprises, obstacles, and resistance included. For these things, though unwelcome at first encounter, will help to develop you and will help to spawn good fruit in your life. (1)

Do not despise the process, but understand it. Do not be disgruntled, nor disappointed, but understand the destination, along with its corresponding timeline, will include a very rich and robust process full of challenges and rewards. The process itself is also very valuable, and very necessary, not something you should desire to bypass. (2)

Allow me to guide your understanding and interpretation of today’s landscape, for I will highlight the importance of what you experience and encounter today as well as tomorrow. For though you have seen the destination there are many details you have not observed. You have seen the end, but have not given focus, nor entirely understood the path and the landscape included. (3)

And in this you make presumptions. You make estimations that are not accurate, and are not reliable. But even in your error and inaccuracy I am with you, for I will correct you and adjust you along the way. I will guide you, and continue to guide you day after day. I will steer your path, your motivation, your thoughts, your energy, and your capacity in the direction needed, and will continue to not only protect you, but also redeem your mistakes too (4).

Do not despise the days in which is seems there is terrible delay, for though these days are not welcomed they yield good fruit. Do not despise the resistance you encounter, for though these challenges are not welcome they will strengthen and refine you deeply. Do not despise the path, the pace, the direction, or the destination set before you, but acknowledge it and embrace it. For in doing so you will be empowered to not only endure, but to overcome it and enjoy it.

Understand these things have been given you, not to harm you, not to stop you, not to delay you, but to perfect you, to improve you, to strengthen you, and to refine you. These things, though unwelcome in the moment, will be turned around to be your blessing. Your biggest challenges will yield your biggest blessings. Your biggest mistakes will give way to your biggest lessons learned. Your biggest failures will spawn your most valued experiences, and relationships (5).

So do not despise what I have set before you, though it looks unpleasant at first glance. Do not despise it, but acknowledge it, embrace it, and accept it. Accept it and overcome it, and do so with joy in your heart, for we are bonded together in perfect unity in all things (6).

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