In My Embrace You Will Remember Me

Neil Vermillion —  April 25, 2016 —  Comments

Today I am reminding you of the invitation to my joy. For you have known my joy already, but you forget it in your daily busyness and goings on. So allow me to remind you of the joy we have in our fellowship together. I will remind you in your times of discouragement and heartache, my joy is available to you, my peace is available to you, my friendship and fellowship is available to you. All these things, and even more, are always available to you, My Beloved. So remember this as you find yourself surrounded with sadness, gloom, and despair, for I am with you in all things, and my joy and my presence are always available to you.

As you find yourself at the end of your road and it seems you have nowhere to turn, look to me and I will remind you of the truth already made available to you. For you are quick to forget, and you are weak in your trials, so I will remind you again and again, of greater truth and hope awaiting you. I will be your strength again and again, for I know you are weak. I will renew your hope, and I will renew your heart for I know your frailty and I know your limits. I will meet your in these places and bring you the freshness and encouragement you need.

I will sustain you and strengthen you, and you will remember how it was when you first started. You will remember the words I have spoken to you. You will remember the hope alive within you. You will remember the plans I have shown you. And as you remember all these things all the distractions will fade away. All the trivial, worthless things that fill your time, fill your mind, and fill your heart will lose their appeal, and you will thirst for what truly matters.

And with this renewal you will be reminded of my closeness to you. You will remember I am with you in all things. You will know I have never left you. You will know you have never left my sight, never left the center of my attention. And your heart will be moved, for though you know these things in your mind, your heart can be slow to remember. So I will touch your heart strings again, and I will remind you, and I will rekindle the fire that has burned out.

For all these diversions and distractions are but small. Though they seem big, they seem important, they seem all-encompassing from your point of view, they are but small. So I will remind you and I will adjust your perspective so you will see them rightly. In my presence and our fellowship together your heart will forget the value of the unimportant and will remember the value of what is ultimately important.

And I will draw you close to my side, next to my heart. My great love for you will overflow and you will feel my heart beating for you. You will experience my embrace and will remember me again. Though you are tired, weak, and fearful my embrace will remind you of who you are, and will also remind you of who I am. And in this embrace you will know me and forgetting all others.

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