Embracing The Glorious Riches Of My Plans

Neil Vermillion —  May 5, 2016 —  Comments

Take a moment now to recall all the plans you’ve conceived and wanted over the years. Take a moment now to reconsider your destiny as I have shown you. Consider the handiwork behind it all, and take a moment to ponder and examine the process and the path you have been walking in your most recent years. For as you reflect and examine your history you will begin to see the evidence of my involvement. You will see what you did not see before, and you will not be overwhelmed, but will be overjoyed.

For in this understanding you will have supreme confidence – not in yourself, but in me, and in my plans for you. So take this moment to reflect and allow me to highlight the little details you have missed along the way. I will speak to your heart and remind you what you know to be true, and I will help you make sense of it for your life and present situation. I will not leave you wondering about all alone, like sheep without any shepherd. So allow me to affirm all I’ve already spoken to you, all I’ve already revealed to you, and you will see, and know, and understand, and it will all make sense to you.

I have revealed my plans for you in visions and desires of your heart since before the beginning. These things have been within you before you ever perceived them. So do not doubt. Do not hesitate. Do not remain apprehensive, but embrace the glorious riches and the beauty of my plans unfolding before you this very day and season.

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