Embracing Your Obstacles

Neil Vermillion —  July 7, 2016 —  Comments

Understand the struggles you encounter are specific in their design and intent. Understand you have been given a call, you have been given an assignment. And in preparation and development of your skills for your call you will encounter lessons designed to activate and equip you. You see your trials as something to run away from, as something to avoid, but these things have been given you in order for you to grow. These things have been given you in order to strengthen you.

So do not run away from the trials, challenges, and obstacles you encounter. Do not avoid them, but embrace them. For we will encounter them together and they will expedite the process of growth and development in your life. These things have been given to bless you, not to harm you. And though painful, uncomfortable, confusing, and distasteful as they may be at times, they are working to serve you, to increase your knowledge and experience of my love, and how you may influence and impact your environment, including the people around about you.

So when you see these things, understand they are learning points. They may be uncomfortable, but they are working to serve you, to perfect you, to improve you, to refine you. And also remember, you are not alone. We will encounter and confront each trial together. We will encounter and confront every obstacle together. We will encounter and confront each and every impossibility and you will learn to enjoy our fellowship together, even in the midst of these difficulties.

For I have joined myself to you in no small way. I have joined myself to you in no temporary manner. I have joined myself to you, and will remain with you always, regardless of what you know or encounter. And as this understanding continues to permeate your present paradigm it will shape your experience. You will attach new meaning to your experiences as you continually grow in your realization that nothing will ever separate us. And this understanding will empower you. This understanding will enable your heart to continue to give, to love, to serve, and to dream. This understanding will allow the fire in your heart to remain hot and bright, no matter what storms you may encounter along the way.

So embrace your obstacles, and embrace your storms, for you will grow and you will experience great closeness and intimacy with me as you do. You will grow and increase in experience and preparation, but you will also increase in our history of sharing together. For you will know me in new dimensions than in days past, as you no longer attempt to isolate yourself from me when you experience suffering. But you will come to know me, and understand me more and more, as you continue to scale over, around, and through the trials, obstacles, challenges, and struggles you encounter, even this very day.

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