The Endless Supply Of My Joy And Strength

Neil Vermillion —  July 7, 2017 — Leave a comment

So run to me this day, for what I am spawning within you will more than delight you. Run to me, do not walk. Run to me, do not delay or hesitate. Run to me, and let me unfold my plans before your eyes. For though you have seen a thing already, I have greater enlightenment and illumination for you. And with this, you will perceive me in new ways, from new angles. You will sense qualities and attributes you did not, and could not, perceive in the past. You will begin to sense the subtleties of the move of my spirit, the pressures of the day, and the wave of hope and inspiration surrounding and overtaking you.

For though you desire to know me, there are so many things beyond your ability to grasp and fully process. There are so many options and so many timelines to consider you will not be able to comprehend it all, and certainly not all at once. So walk with me, but trust in me. As we continue to walk together more and more, over the course of time, you will grow in your capacity to not only know, but to trust in my plans and my timing for your life.

For even this day I am unfolding before your eyes, new realms of the dimensions of understanding already given you. I am giving you new ideas, but I’m also giving you greater command and discernment for what I have already given you. I have spoken to your heart already, yet there is more I am saying this day, building on what I have already given and established in your life.

So walk with me by faith, knowing and believing I am not only with you, but guiding you according to my plans. For my plans are to prosper you, to see you grow and flourish, to see you possess all that has been set before you, and to accept the responsibility of the tasks at hand. And in doing so you will emerge not only victorious, but also mesmerized with awe and wonder. I have set you apart, and have reserved my fulfillment for you for this day, for this way. And in this knowledge and experience you will come to delight yourself in me, and will drink from the endless supply of my joy and strength.

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