Engage With Me Without Hindrance

Neil Vermillion —  November 17, 2017 — Leave a comment

You will find me as I continue to sing my songs of love to you in ways you had not previously considered. Even though you see me in one light, and perhaps in another, I am in all things, and in me all things are held together. So as you continue to venture forward you will discover my presence everywhere you look, everywhere you go, and in everything you do (1).

While you understand this in your mind at times, you will come to know this viscerally, allowing your heart to digest the full ramifications of what this really means, and what this really looks like in your daily life. So rest in the assurance of what I have for you in this moment, for there is a birthing of greatness within you. Allow me to provoke you and awaken it from within you, so that you may birth this understanding of who you really are in me, with me (2).

And as this realization comes about, and grows and matures, you will walk without presumption. You will walk without prejudice. You will walk without insisting I engage with you according to your preferences, or according to your preconceived notions. Instead, you will remain open, and permit me to be myself, to manifest my character according to who I really am, not the person, or entity, you have presumed me to be, the god of your imagination. You will allow me the same freedom you desire of me, and of others, of full acceptance. In this full acceptance you will encounter me, my ways, and my words in greater purity and fullness, without the contamination of your own prejudices, without your own interpretations from previously conceived notions you have already formed.

Even though this will be uncomfortable and confusing to you, it will liberate you and allow you to engage with me without hindrance. And in this place of engagement you will see it come to pass, the intimate fellowship will no longer be blocked by your imagination, or by your selfish desires, but will flow freely and continuously, in all things without limit (3).

(1) Zephaniah 3:17, Colossians 1:16-17, Acts 17:28 (2) Jeremiah 1:5, Romans 6:4 (3) Romans 8:31-39

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