Enhancing and Strengthening What Must Remain

Neil Vermillion —  May 2, 2016 —  Comments

Continue to stretch yourself in pursuit of my will for your life, for in doing so you will grow and increase. You will develop your skills and increase in your capacity to learn of me, to value what I am saying and doing, and to more readily, more effectively follow my will for your life.

And in this you will also grow in your capacity to love. You will learn to take your focus off yourself, and will be able to fix your focus on to those around you in greater measure. You will surely experience stress and hardship along the way, but these things, though difficult and unpleasant, will refine and perfect you in such a glorious manner. As you continue, as you persevere, your inner man will be stripped down, refined, and built back up again.

For the issues of your heart will be laid bare before your eyes. As we walk through the experiences of this life together, trial after trial will expose the root issues within your own heart. You will see and you will understand, and as all these are exposed you will grow, not only in humility, but in your capacity to love others as well. For as these issues are brought to your attention you will grow in understanding, not only yourself, but other people too. And as you understand more and more you will also increase in your capacity to love others better.

For though you have received my love I am working you, I am pruning you, I am perfecting you, trimming away what is not needed and enhancing and strengthening what must remain. So understand all these experiences, all these lessons you will learn and experience, all the things you encounter are guided by my great love for you, to take you to the fullness of the manifestation of the love I have for you.

And as you embrace this in your life you will not only grow in your capacity to understand and love yourself and others, but you will also come to know me more closely too. For in all your limits you will find I am there. In all your weakness and failures you will find I am there. In all your hurts and imperfections you will find I am right there with you. And finding my presence in all these matters will allow yourself to draw closer to me than you have before for you will accept and embrace my love for you and your heart will be filled with my joy.

For there is nothing that will divide us, nothing that will separate us. We are joined together in the union of our perfect fellowship, and even the difficult lessons in this world will draw us closer together. For surely nothing in this world will separate you from my love.

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