Enjoy This Time Of Growth And Contemplation

Neil Vermillion —  August 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

I have made you free already. So do not allow yourself to be guided, nor influenced, by the things that will hold you back and ultimately destroy you. You have been given freedom at a high price, and as I continue to press you, through my thoughts, through my spirit, through your own circumstances, know I am not pressing you to punish you but to advance you past your present realm of experience and knowledge. For I prune you in order to make you more fruitful. And I press you in order to force you to advance. So do not resist the pressures of my hand, for they will serve you by growing you, but also by freeing you from the influences in your life that are not good for you. (1)

Though these things may be familiar and known to you, even though these things may be all you know in fact, trust in me as I lead you past what you have known, into the realms of new knowledge and new experience. This process will not always be as comforting as you would like for it to be. Many times it will be scary to you, and it will appear to be uncertain. But do not allow these appearances, nor the possibility for mistakes to be experienced, hinder your growth or advancement, but continue to remain strong and walk by faith as you follow me.

Follow my voice and the leadership of my spirit in your life so you will overcome these limiting fears and apprehensions as you continue to expand your circle of comfort as you rely on me. For as you destroy and overturn idols in your life, the things that used to provide a sense of security will become inadequate, and you will no longer continue to put your trust into them. Instead you will look to me, and me alone. You will look to my voice and the guidance of my spirit and will not consider your present, nor past, circumstances as a determining factor. You will look to what I am showing you, and listen to what I am saying, as you walk forward in pursuit of all I have set before you, and placed within you. (2)

So enjoy this time, though it will be unnerving. Enjoy this time of growth and contemplation. I am awakening revelation and discernment within you this day in order to empower you to not only hear my voice, but to activate the courage to follow through and take meaningful action for what I say. (3)

(1) Galatians 5:1, John 15:2
(2) Isaiah 41:10, 1 Corinthians 16:13
(3) Psalm 27:1, 2 Timothy 1:7, 1 John 4:18

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