Enjoy Yourself As I Enjoy You

Neil Vermillion —  November 4, 2015 —  Comments

For there are marvels and mysteries you’ve not yet encountered, not yet discovered. And they will awaken your heart to deeper love, to deeper knowledge, for deeper hunger for greater intimacy. And as you start small, do not despise these small beginnings, for they will grow, they will increase, and you will not remain in this beginning place forever. And you will learn to enjoy the process as you discover me, and learn of me, and enjoy yourself as I enjoy you.

For in me you will experience the fullness of joy I have in store for each one of you. And in the knowing, and in this experience, you will never find a substitute. You will find there is nothing that could ever take the place of our union together, and you will forget about all the worthless idols you currently pursue, protect, and hold on to.

For in the light of my presence you will see all the vanity, all the pride, all the error, and all the deception, and you will reject them all. In the light of my presence you will see the childish props you’ve constructed, the inferior explanations you’ve created, and the ridiculous excuses you’ve erected to hide yourself from me, or to attempt to label, understand, or control me.

But in the light of my presence you will begin to see how truly inadequate all these things are, and you will not be satisfied with them. And you will hunger for union with me just as I hunger for union with you, and you will forget them all, never to pick them up again. For you will taste and see my goodness and will forget all your former lovers. You will see and know, and will abandon your former ways of living in compromise.

For you have been created for beauty. You have been created for intimacy. You have been fashioned in excellence and greatness, and only I will satisfy these things within you. So understand, as you feel my spirit speaking to you, calling you out to deeper and deeper, I will draw you out and expose all these worthless idols in your heart and mind, and you will see them as such, and forget them, remembering them no more.

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