Enjoying The Experiences In Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  March 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

As I reveal myself to you, your heart will also begin to perceive yourself differently. Your heart will also begin to see your challenges very differently too. For in the light of my presence, truth will be displayed, and you will not assess yourself, nor your present, nor your future, nor your past the same as you assessed it yesterday. Allow me to speak to you and illuminate all I have for you. For in doing so, your present perception and assessment of today will change, both circumstantially and personally too.

Though you desire to know your future, to possess knowledge and answers, to know how to respond and prepare and plan, these things will diminish in their importance more and more as you continue to put your confidence in me. For in knowing me, you will see yourself more clearly, more accurately and will not depend on outward constructs to provide security or stability. Your security will be found in me, not merely in my knowledge. Your security will be in my heart for you, not your capacity to make the right decisions.

As you see me and know me more thoroughly and completely, your lens to understand yourself will also become clearer and clearer. For as you know me, and as you realize you are my child, you will not continue to see your circumstances, or even yourself, the same as you did yesterday. And in this way, the pursuit of relationship with me will be your greatest reward. For in knowing me everything will be changed. In knowing who I am, your entire perception of everything will be touched and improved. In knowing who I am, you will see so many things differently and will not consider these things the same as you did yesterday.

As you know my heart, you will also begin to understand specific elements and aspects of yourself. As you begin to truly understand yourself, no longer making vague and incorrect assumptions, you will see yourself differently and will respond to everything in life so very differently. You will invite, and even desire, experiences in your life, no longer considering them “trials” or “hardships”. You will see their results, and what they offer you in terms of growth, as you are able to look past what is seen, to what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

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