Enjoying The Process And The Journey

Neil Vermillion —  June 8, 2016 —  Comments

When you find yourself in the middle of your failures, remember I am there. When you look at your circumstances and see your shortcomings, remember I am with you. Remember in all things in this world, I am with you and always have been. And though I see and know all your blemishes, your weaknesses, and your faults I love you still. For my love for you is not based on your performance. My love for you is not based on how well you do, or how well you accomplish. My love for you flows from the depths of my heart for you, having no limits, knowing no bounds.

So when you feel you have made too many mistakes, run to me and I will embrace you and shower you with my loving affections. When you feel the most disqualified, most ashamed, come to me and I will wipe away your tears and embrace you with the goodness of my loving acceptance over you. For there is nothing in this world you could ever do that would cause me to love you any less. I have seen all things, and have known all things, so your little mistakes and mishaps along the way do not surprise, irritate, or offend me.

I am madly in love with you – more than you know, more than you realize. And in your times of failure and hurt, you run away from me. But if you will join with me, together, you will realize and experience my great mercy, my forgiveness, my closeness, and our fellowship – even in the midst of your darkest hours, your most embarrassing moments.

For I am with you in all things and will never leave you. So do not run from me, but embrace the reality of our union together and know we have become as one. When you are thirsty, I will give you the water you need. When you are tired, I will give you the rest you need. And likewise, when you have failed, I will give you the courage to love yourself and the courage and hope to carry on and attempt yet again.

For in me there is no need for condemnation. So do not listen to those voices that call out your name, reminding you why you have failed, why you are terrible, or why you will never succeed. These thoughts are not from me, so pay them no attention. Instead follow my voice, follow my spirit, follow my will for your life, and enjoy the goodness I have freely made available to you already. Follow me and I will renew, recharge, restore, and redeem you and all things in your life.

And as you continue to follow me, you will see things from my perspective, learning to enjoy not only the ultimate goal and outcome, but the process and journey too.

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