Enjoying The Journey Of Your Preparation And Development

Neil Vermillion —  January 28, 2016 —  Comments

And in this day and hour I am exercising you. I am activating you. I am preparing you in this season for times yet to come. I am taking your gifts and talents, and things I’ve placed deep inside you, and stirring them up. I am bringing them to the surface. I am bringing them to your awareness, and presenting them before you in a new light.

For it is my desire that you are not only active, but also excellent and skilled as well. It is my desire to bring you out of a place of infancy to a place of maturity. So as you see yourself presented with work, with challenges, with struggles that will develop you, understand I have orchestrated all these things for your preparation, for your training, for your development, and for your good pleasure.

And though it will not seem pleasurable to you initially, over the course of time as you continue to grow and develop, you will come to the place of enjoying the process, not only its results. For you will not only enjoy the results of the process, but in our fellowship together, as you continue to share with me and hear from me in the midst of stress, struggles, and challenges, you will come to an appreciation and enjoyment of the process itself as well. You will not only enjoy your destination, but will also enjoy the time spent in your journey.

And your reward will be sweet, for you will not have to wait until “some day” comes, for you will enjoy your life day by day, even right now in this very minute. You will have joy unspeakable even in your present circumstances, trials, and difficulties and delays. For you will learn how to be content in every circumstance, in every occasion, and with this, you will thrive, regardless of your circumstances, as you continue to advance.

So do not be impatient, my Dearest Love. Do not be so quick to quit. Do not give up so easily. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged. For in the midst of your weakness I am with you still, and I am working with you, helping you, inspiring you, strengthening you to be able to accomplish and to finish.

For I will never leave you, never forsake you, never abandon you. I will never give up on you, or the plans I have for you. For the good thing I have already started within you will surely come to its completion. For I am faithful, and I will not give up. I will not become discouraged or dismayed, but I will see you, and my plans for you, through to its completion.

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