Enjoying The Process Of Cooperation With My Will

Neil Vermillion —  August 17, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you sit and wait upon the move of my spirit in the timing of your circumstances you will begin to observe what you were previously too preoccupied to notice. Consider this presently, for there is a strategy behind the timing of what I am doing. Consider how the timing can be due to your circumstances and the interplay between individuals, events, and many factors, but also could be about redirecting and refocusing your attention, so you can see what you need to see and understand what you need to know. (1)

Likewise, I will advance you more rapidly at times as well. In some seasons you have a propensity to ponder and dwell on things rather than being active and busy. So in these seasons I will advance you forward in a manner that is expedient, which will often feel like I’m moving you too quickly. In both circumstances, when I move you too slowly or when I move you too quickly, remain flexible in your approach and in your response. Remain flexible in understanding what I am saying and suggesting, but also remain flexible in your interpretation of the motivation behind what is happening.

In this flexibility your mind and heart will be more open to truly hear and receive what I am presenting to, and before, you, rather than looking for things that aren’t there, or searching for mysteries when you should be active and busy completing the tasks at hand. As you continue to remain responsive to the move of my spirit you can rest assured I will keep you in balance, though it will not always feel this way in the moment. I will make you busy when you need to be active, but will slow you down when you need to reflect and ponder. I will guide you in your response and move you in the direction of your optimal growth.

So trust in me in this way, and do not allow the immaturity of your impatience to cause you to rebel or resist what I may be saying or doing. Instead, accept the notions set before you and embrace the wisdom they offer. Surrender your own desires, goals, and agendas to the greater good, the will I have for you. For in doing so you will enjoy the fellowship with me in the moment, and will be freed from the influence and tyranny of constant demands from your own selfish and short-sighted desires. (2)

You will enjoy the peace of my heart as you allow yourself to participate with me moment by moment, rather than holding to a strict schedule or fixed outcome. In this you will not only accomplish more in terms of quality, but will also enjoy the process along the way. So be mindful how I speak to you and be mindful of what I say. Be mindful of the smallest nuances and how it affects your heart and mind, as you take inventory on a regular basis. In doing so you will become aware and ready. You will be aware of your own internal environment, and will be ready to hear and receive what I am saying in the moment. (3)

(1) Psalm 27:14, Isaiah 40:31
(2) 1 John 1:3, Mark 9:37, John 17:21
(3) Philippians 4:7, 1 Peter 5:7

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