Enjoyment Of The Process Of Bearing Fruit That Will Last

Neil Vermillion —  October 20, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to walk with me day after day, you will find I am never changing. You will find I am constant. You will find I do not waver, do not shift, do not deviate. And with this understanding you can build your hope. You can build your trust. You can build your future. For I am greater than the reality you experience presently. And I am greater than the limits you seem to continually fix your eyes upon.

And as you encounter me again and again you will begin to accept and believe the truth of what I say, and the truth of all I have for you. For the great battle is in your mind, and in your heart, to open you up to the reality of what you already have, and what you’ve already been given.

For I know you grow tired and weary and you feel like giving up, you feel it’s too big, too heavy, too hard, too expensive, too difficult. But these thoughts are a result of seeing with your natural eyes, thinking with your natural mind, and feeling with your natural heart. But as you allow me to sustain you you will find nothing will be able to stop you. Nothing will be able to hinder you. Nothing will be denied to you.

And the journey itself will also bring you joy as well. You will not continue to travel a path out of mere duty, out of motivation from guilt, performance, or shame. But you will experience the joy of my fellowship, being compelled by my love, and this will fuel your fire like nothing else. And as you walk by my spirit, and drink from the fountain of my joy you will not only accomplish more, but you will also enjoy it as you do.

As we walk together hand in hand you will be changed and see all your circumstances differently. And this change will allow you to enjoy your days, walk and abide in peace, and let go of fears, worries, doubts, and hesitations. And you will realize you no longer have to perform to earn your value. You do not have to earn your place of favor. You do not have to earn your acceptance. You do not have to earn my love or approval. For all these things are already true, already real, already present. And as you come to this understanding it will set you free. For you did not choose me, but I choose you so you will go and bear fruit that will last.

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