Your Entire Being Will Be Shifted

Neil Vermillion —  July 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have unhinged you from the constraints previously influencing you. I have broken the cycle of thinking and feeling that has hindered you, and your life. I have taken away the deception blinding your eyes and have shown my light of truth upon you this very day. And though you feel unnerved with this new understanding, there is simultaneously great potential to be realized as you rise to the challenge of the opportunities set before you.

Many times you feel alone, as though there is no real hope, or source, or solution available to you, but I came to reveal the truth, for in knowing the truth you will be free in every way. Do not complicate the message I have spoken to you. Do not make excuses for the areas in which you have fallen short, but embrace the liberation afforded you so generously already, and run forward to engage and pursue the life I have set before you.

Even though you will encounter difficulties and confusion along the way, remember you are not alone. As you encounter these things lean on me. Lean on me when you need me most and you will find you need me always. As you lean on me always, you will also come to know and realize I am always there for you, for I am more than reliable. In these experiences and encounters I will teach you new things, but I will also help you unlearn many things too.

I will grant you inspiration so your heart will not be heavy, but I will also grant you understanding so you do not continue in mistakes and errors, but advance forward in maturity, wisdom, and excellence. And as you experience your limits and deficiencies, you will also be given new opportunities to engage with me, knowing I have made the solutions you need available to you already. And not only have I made them available to you, but I will guide you specifically and deliberately to them.

For I am a personal God. I am a loving God. I am knowledgeable and powerful, but I am loving and attentive too. Remember, I am the one who first loved you. I am the one who conceived you, even before you were born of flesh and blood. I am the one from whom all your blessings flow, and in me you will find the fullest realization and manifestation of your happiness and fulfillment.

So do not cower away from adversity and challenges, for they will allow you to grow – but they will also allow you to engage with me, know me, and experience me in entirely new ways. And as you begin to see experiences through the lens of my relationship to you, your entire being will be shifted. Your entire paradigm and way of viewing the world, along with everything that happens, will be shifted as you continue to drink from the fountain of my revelation through our relationship together.

So walk with me in boldness, courage, confidence, and assurance knowing nothing will separate you from my great love, and knowing everything is working out for your ultimate good.

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