Establishment, Development, and Restoration of Relationships

Neil Vermillion —  January 23, 2019 —  Comments

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In the days just before you it will be more and more important to develop and strengthen your relationships. There will be key relationships I will bring to you, and other times I will send you to establish new relationships. In these days I am moving on hearts, minds, and circumstances to develop key relationships together to accomplish my purposes and execute my plans according to my timing.

Understand as things are shifting and changing, I am moving to connect you with others. It is a time of great expanse, and a time of continued developing across the Earth. And with this, will also come new connections and new relationships. As a result you will have new opportunities, along with new resources presented to you. Many new people and opportunities will become available to you through the relationships I am establishing.

Know these will be key relationships. Some relationships will be for fun and pleasure, while other relationships will be for work and strategy. Understand I am bringing people together to accomplish kingdom business, in all shapes and sizes, in all markets and niches. Be aware of this, and have this before your mind, because these pairings and matches may not be logical to you. Be aware these key relationships may look a bit unusual at first glance, so remember I am pairing and matching people together in order to accomplish kingdom business. Even though it may not make sense to you, trust this is good – not only for you, but for the lives you will touch and affect as you work together.

Also know I will be calling you to rekindle and revive previous relationships as well. I will inspire and compel you to contact people from your past, and restore previous relationships. I will stir your thoughts and memories, and bring people to your mind in this time of renewing friendships and relationships of old.

Additionally, this is a time of going deeper with existing relationships as well. Not only will you establish new relationships, and revive previous relationships, but you will deepen and strengthen existing relationships too. I will give you specific insights how to mend broken fences, and heal frayed edges. In doing so I will be adding my healing touch to restore damages in existing relationships. I will be giving new perspectives to truly find restoration, reconciliation, and peace in all issues.

This will feel odd and awkward at times, but understand this will be temporary. This will seem awkward, but only at first, for as it grows and develops, the awkwardness will fade. This move of my spirit within relationships will bear good fruit in time as they take their natural course. They will provide a source of direction, wisdom, and even great and lasting satisfaction.

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