Everlasting Greatness Within You

Neil Vermillion —  June 14, 2016 —  Comments

Many of the challenges set before you this day look familiar to you. You have already encountered them in one form or another. And so these things have been presented before you once again in order to develop you. For you have been set on a certain path, in a certain direction, and on this path, in this direction, you have encountered the terrain, along with its advantages and disadvantages. So do not be surprised as you encounter trial after trial, mountain after mountain, obstacle after obstacle. For these things are common to the terrain you are traveling.

Understand I have placed you in this land, for this time, for this reason, to allow you to gain the necessary experience for things you will encounter tomorrow. Today is your training ground for tomorrow, so embrace these lessons. Embrace each day as it presents you with new and unique adventures, as well as adventures you already know, and have already been acquainted with. For you will find in your times of uncertainty and confrontation your heart and your resolve will be tested and strengthened. Your gifts and your limits will both come to your awareness. And in this place of recognition you will encounter me time and time again.

Knowing all this, understand I have guided you to this very place, at this very time, for this very purpose. You are here by no accident. You have not wandered here aimlessly, though it may feel this way to you at times. But know, even in your ignorance, I have brought you and prepared you. I have protected you and placed you exactly where you are right now, this very moment. And even though there are many things in your life you do not like, there are many things you would choose to change, I have placed you here for a purpose and plan so much greater than yourself, so much greater than you can fully comprehend or imagine.

So let go of your worries of today and tomorrow, and acknowledge my leadership in your life, for I have planted you here, and am with you in all things. I am with you now, as I have always been, and always will be. I am guiding you, training you, equipping you, and challenging you even this very day. So embrace each day with the lessons it offers and run towards each challenge knowing you are more than a conqueror. You have everlasting greatness within you, even this very day. Embrace the terrain you have found yourself in, knowing I have placed you here deliberately, purposely, for this very moment.

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