Everything Has Been Taken Care Of

Neil Vermillion —  May 20, 2016 —  Comments

In your stillness and stress know I am with you. In your heartache and limits know these things are but temporary. In your despair and struggle know I will redeem. For I will make all things new and all these troubles will be done away with. You will come to see the day of your greatest fulfillment and you will be astonished and amazed as you do.

For though you understand in your mind you do not always believe in your heart. And so over the course of time you have permitted yourself to become lax, to dream less, to hope for less, to aspire and believe for less. But in no way does this attitude within your heart diminish my plans for you. For in spite of your doubt I will show myself strong and will accomplish all I’ve set forth since before the beginning.

So do not be dismayed, do not be troubled, do not be anxious, for all things will be made new and your hope will be restored. And even though you do not understand, and even though you may not fully comprehend all that is happening and about to happen, trust and know I have all these things under my care, and though it looks chaotic at times from your perspective, trust and know everything has been taken care of already.

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