Examine The Desires I Have Given You

Neil Vermillion —  August 24, 2016 —  Comments

Take a moment now to consider the desires of your heart. For you feel as though I stand against you with condemnation on my heart. You think I want to harm you, to stop you, to hinder you, to block you from your joy and fulfillment. But the truth is I have given you these desires. I have placed these wants, needs, and desires within you, many of which were done with great care and consideration. For I know you, I know who you are, I know where you are going, I know what you will become, I know where you will finish, and I have placed these desires, along with their talents, deep within the very core of you.

So examine and consider the desires of your heart, the very deep, and personal desires that truly move and inspire you. For these are the desires I have given you to drive you. These are the desires I have planted within you to guide you, to compel you, to speak to you, to govern who you are, and who you will become. Examine these desires and inquire of my plans for your fulfillment in your life. Examine these desires and inquire of me how you may go about satisfying them and accomplishing them. Examine these desires and acknowledge their righteous fulfillment, and do not continue to deny, or repress them.

Do not hinder these desires, for I have given them to you as fuel for your fire. So allow them to burn brightly. Allow them to burn hot. Allow their light to shine so brightly that others may see, and be affected. Let your passion and zeal grow and increase, for in doing so you will begin to embody not only the fulfillment of these desires, but also the purpose and maturity of who I have have created you to be, and what I have created you to accomplish.

For in this you will show my handiwork. In this you will display your unique qualities that will reflect the work of my hands. Your beauty will shine forth and inspire others and we will come together in the celebration and enjoyment of all I have created and chosen. For I have brought these things about, and will continue to do so. I have fashioned you in a peculiar way, and will continue to craft and govern the process according to my plans for you.

So allow your good deeds to be displayed and let your light shine before men. For they will see it and be touched. They will see it and be inspired and give recognition to me. And in doing so you will pursue the path I’ve marked out for you, the path of your fulfillment of your desires and purpose. And you will come to know me more personally, more intimately than you thought you ever would. You will come to hear my voice more clearly than you ever thought you would. You will come to hold my hand, see my face, feel my heartbeat, and recognize my handiwork more completely, more intimately than you ever thought you would.

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