Examine The Talents Also Given You

Neil Vermillion —  August 25, 2016 —  Comments

And as you examine your desires, the fire I’ve placed deep within the core of who you are, also take time to examine the talents given you as well. Take time to reflect upon your innate abilities, and the things in which you have a predisposition to accomplish. For your talents will also show my handiwork. Your capacities for greatness will also reflect the design of who you are and purpose I’ve called you to accomplish.

For what good father would assign work to his child, and leave him without the tools to accomplish his work? Why would you consider the skills, talents, and tools I’ve given you to have no real purpose, no real design or strategy, or no significant value? So consider your desires, but also consider the tools I have given you too. For the tools I’ve given you will enable and empower you, though they may be raw and undeveloped in their initial state.

Look to your talents, skills, and tools, and recognize I have given you all these things, and do not be discouraged by the work associated with them. Do not be confused or perplexed as you discover real work, real effort, real time will be required of you to develop them. I have given you the raw goods, the undeveloped materials, and now we will grow together as we continue to refine, perfect, and develop them in order for you to walk in complete maturity, wisdom, and excellence.

So allow me to guide you and teach you in all these things. And as you recognize what I have given you, do not shrink back in fear, disbelief, or skepticism, for I will continue to teach, train, and mentor you. I will continue to speak to you and persevere with you, as we pursue the full maturity and development of all I’ve placed deep within you.

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