Expanded Revelation If You Will Reduce The Noise

Neil Vermillion —  December 12, 2019 —  Comments

Take the things I have given you already and set your gaze upon them. Examine them, look deeper, and ask more questions. There are details within the seeds I have already given that will propel you into greater understanding with increased insight. There are details you did not notice previously that will unlock small doors. Through these small doors you will be able to expand and strengthen what you have been given already. (1)

Within this time of expanded revelation you will be required to reduce the noise in your life. There are too many voices, too many channels, and too many signals clamoring for your attention, cluttering your hearing, clouding your vision, and confusing your understanding. With all of this noise, and all these distractions it is no wonder you are confused. It is no wonder you are unsure of my voice, or what I am saying. It is no wonder you are unsure of timing and seasons. (2)

But as you quiet the noise in your life you will hear me more clearly, and you will know it is me. You will see me more frequently, and you will feel me more closely. So make effort to quiet the noise in your life. Take time to reduce the voices, distractions, and the things that are not essential, and wait upon me. Wait and listen. Sit before me, seek me, and you will see what I will show you. You will hear what I have to say, and you will learn what I will teach you. (3)

Take time to allow me to influence you – to influence your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Allow me to move within you changing your heart of stone into a responsive, sensitive heart that hears and feels. (4)

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