Expanding Past The Limits Of Yesterday

Neil Vermillion —  December 7, 2016 — Leave a comment

Though you feel you are held in the same space, having no room to grow, no allowance for variety or creativity, stuck in the mundane and routine of daily living, understand all these things are also part of the process for you. For I am working within you in greater measure than you can fully perceive. And though you do not always perceive or understand the direction or progress in which you are heading and moving, do not underestimate what I am doing and working on your behalf.

For I am providing many things before you this day. I am opening up many options, many choices before you this day. I am revealing directions, doors, paths, and opportunities all before you this day. So do not presume you are stuck, as though you are not making progress. Do not presume you are being held, as though you cannot advance, grow, or progress any further than where you are. Do not presume you are locked into a confined space, having no room for variety, or creativity, or expression.

For I am the source of possibilities. I am the source of options and directions. I am the source of variety and creativity. So when you feel stuck, trapped, hindered, or limited, ask of me and I will show you my very heart for you. And in my heart you will see all manner of possibilities. You will see options you did not see before. You will see more than what you even though possible, as you allow me to guide you, by my spirit, into the realms of potential and revelation you have only just begun to touch.

For with me possibilities are not limited. With me your hope is not small. With me you room for creative expression and variety has no boundaries, for where my spirit is, there is liberty.

All these things are my desire to give to you. It is my plan to see you roam and to thrive. It is for freedom my son came for you, so do not allow yourself to be burdened, nor enslaved, again by sin, or that which would otherwise hold you back.

Instead press forward, past your perceived limits and begin to embrace my vision for your heart and life. Taste and see my plans and my will for your life, and you will know and experience its goodness. Draw your ears to my voice, and you will not feel limited, but will be inspired to expand past the limits of yesterday as I speak to you today.

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