Expanse Of Knowledge And Understanding Of Strategies

Neil Vermillion —  April 5, 2018 — Leave a comment

In this day I am giving new insights that will yield greater understanding of strategies. In this understanding you will become aware of strategies you were not aware of previously, but will also begin to reconsider and reassess strategies you have previously encountered and already known. You will see new possibilities and new combinations. I am going to awaken your knowledge and understanding of methods and systems, some of which will be new and revolutionary. But I am also going to highlight small and minor changes that will spawn new results, when implemented faithfully and consistently, from existing habits, systems, and practices as well.

I have already supplied grace for this, but in this day I am highlighting this notion. I am redirecting your attention so you will be able, and willing, to see and understand what I have for you, particularly in practical, physical means, not just spiritual, supernatural means. For in this you will begin to experience not only pleasure and satisfaction, but also the every-increasing manifestation of my blessings in your life. You will encounter my spirit, but you will do so from a different vantage point, a different angle and consideration altogether.

So while there is a very real dynamic of the physical that will be emphasized as you incorporate and implement the adjustments and new understandings I am giving you, whether big or small, you will also experience and encounter my spirit and my heart, though in a very subtle and unconventional manner. It is within this realm of subtly I will begin to introduce new ideas, as well as new combinations and new practices. While you would desire these things to be given you in a very pronounced, obvious, and dramatic manner, understand much of these significant innovations, corrections, and adjustments will be given you in a very subtle, gentle, and gradual manner. (1)

With this you will always engage with me, and will not stray. With this you will not look to the methods, the strategies, or the practices for insight or interaction. Instead you will look to me, and seek me, and engage with me. While this may sound as though I am purposely hindering you, understand I am not. I am not hindering you, but shepherding you, preventing you from adopting destructive habits, practices, attitudes and mindsets that will harm you, not help you. I am guiding you away from trouble, and away from pitfalls in order to help you maintain the blessings I have given. I am directing you more closely to the realization of my will in your life, not away from expediency. (2)

So humble yourself as I speak to you. Allow yourself to receive the foolishness of this day, in the subtle and gradual manner in which I continue to reveal not only my strategies and will for your life, but also my very essence, presence, and heart as well. (3)

(1) Zechariah 4:10
(2) Isaiah 55:8-9
(3) 1 Corinthians 1:25

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