Exploring And Discovering All Mysteries

Neil Vermillion —  July 12, 2016 —  Comments

As you sit and abide with me, I will continue to show you new and wondrous things. I will show you insights to things you have never dreamed of. I will show you insights to mysteries you have not even yet discovered, realms you have never conceived of. I will reveal all these wondrous things with great kindness, gentleness and patience. I will take you by the hand and lead you to the realms of adventure your heart yearns to explore and experience. I will shatter your limits and break open the comprehension of all that is presently hidden from you.

In knowing me all these things will be revealed to you by my loving kindness. As you know me I will continue to open up one concept after another and you will drink until you are satisfied. For there is no good thing I will withhold from you. There is no information, no idea, no concept out of our reach. So sit with me and allow me to unravel the strings that have held you back, as we gorge ourselves on the delights of knowledge, wisdom, and revelation together.

It is my good desire to illuminate you. It is my good desire to show you all things, especially what you do not yet know, that will help you immensely. It is my good desire to train you, challenge you, and assist you in your quest for knowledge and understanding. So drink from the pool of my knowledge and release preconceived ideas that have erected barriers and limits in your mind. Let go of shackles that presently hold you back. Let go of habits and presumptions that have caged your imagination, and allow me to unleash you and liberate you totally and completely.

Allow me to mesmerize and intrigue you. Allow me to inspire and activate you. Allow me to startle and amaze you, for in doing so you will experience a great delight in your satisfaction of the quest for seeking to understand all these things, and even more. I will continue to hold your hand and lead you to the still waters, as I also hold your hand leading you to the vast mysteries and marvels set before you. You will seek many answers, and together we will explore and discover not only the mysteries themselves, but the answers to their comprehension as well.

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